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 Welcome to the biggest Parkour and Trampoline   Event of the year! 

 8-13 JULY 

 "En folkfest för både tävlande och åskådare" 

What to expect!

We present to you an international Parkour-competition with the best athletes from all around the globe who will compete at the beautiful Tjörnbro Arena in Sweden.

At the Westcoast Playground Festival you can find training camps, Jam-session, vacation cabins, amazing food and ofcourse tons of fun activities:

Parkour-course, Trampoline Park, Pool Area, Inflatables, Playgrounds, Kayaks, Bicycles, Functional-fitness box, workspace and much more...

Book your ticket to the event

  • 08 juli 2024 10:00 – 10 juli 2024 16:00
    Tjörnbro Arena, ALMÖN 50, 471 61 Myggenäs, Sweden
    Three days training camp where young athletes will practice together with Swedens top Athletes. Be part of the worlds biggest camp for parkour and trampoline!
  • 11 juli 2024 12:00 – 13 juli 2024 23:00
    Tjörnbro Arena, ALMÖN 50, 471 61 Myggenäs, Sweden
    Three days training Jam where athletes will practice together on a huge course in the middle of an ongoing EXPO! Be part of the worlds biggest event for parkour and trampoline!

Tjörnbro Arena

At Tjörnbro Arena you'll never get bored. If you need a break from the Parkour-setup, you could always jump in our trampolinepark with the best trampolines on the market! Or you could dive in the ocean 200 meters from the hotel. Or maybe play in the pool next to the restaurant?


  • Trampoline Park

  • 25x25m Custom Parkour-course (only for this event)

  • Accomodation

  • Pool area

  • The ocean nearby

  • Kayaking

  • Trail/mountainbiking

  • An amazing nature

Trampoline Park

Free access to our one-of-a-kind Trampoline Park is included

for everyone attending our camp or Jam!

Powered by:
North Trampolines & our huge Mid-air airbag


Worlds best Athletes

During your stay you will meet and train with some of the best Parkour athletes in the world!

At the arena, ALL WEEK!

Compete at WCPF24 Takeover

Get ready for a takeover with the best athletes in the world!
They will show off in front of thousands of people

on the 13th of july in Sweden.
+ More athletes get paid for their hard work
+ 8 finalists and 8 prices (Top 5 gets money)
+ Best Trick award, Best flow award and much more.

+ Live stream

Friday competitions: Speed & Skill

Saturday competitions: Youth & Pro Freestyle, 5 judges

WCPF invited.png


We offer accomodation in a 4-bed shared room where you

can rest, cook and hangout with your friends.


You can rent a room for your family if you want to combine the

Parkour week with your vacation!

Your family gets 20% discount by using a code that you ask for when you book your Parkour-ticket.


Parkour & Trampoline EXPO

We will arrange something that has never been done!

Get ready for:

  • Exhibition of trampolines and parkour obstacles/brands

  • Charity with MiljonMissionen

  • Trampoline video competition

  • Youth and PRO International Parkour competition

  • Awards banquette

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