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Get ready for a takeover with the best athletes in the world!
They will show off in front of thousands of people on the 13th of july in Sweden.
+ New award system where more PRO athletes get paid for their hard work
+ 8 finalists (Top 5 gets money)
+ Best Trick award, Best flow award, Best nostalgic award and much more.

+ Live stream

Friday competitions: Speed & Skill

Saturday competitions: Youth & Pro Freestyle, 4 judges

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A run should be between 20 and 40 seconds long. The athlete chooses their own music.

One judge for each category:

Flow & Composition: Points from 1-100

How well the athlete puts together the different movements and tricks into a feeling of satisfaction to watch. 

100% flow is when everything works out smoothly. If you land a trick and take a few steps back before going to the next movement, the flow-score suffers.


Course interaction & Creativity: Points from 1-100

How the athlete uses the different opportunities on the course and interacts with the given surroundings. Which kind of tricks the athlete chooses to perform in their run. Different variations of tricks will be scored higher in creativity than the regular tricks.

If you choose only to use a few obstacles on the course the Course interaction & Creativity suffers.


Difficulty: Points from 1-100

The level of tricks, combinations and overall technical movements the athlete performs.

Example: Double flips score higher than single, multi-twists score higher than single twists. Grabs score higher than standard. Types of takeoffs and landings, landing/jumping on/from a thin ledge or a rail scores higher than landing/jumping on flat ground.


Execution: Points from 1-100

How well the athlete executes the run.

Example: If the athlete stumbles after a trick or fail/bail during the run the execution suffers.


*Keep in mind that all categories give the same amount of points. If you send the biggest tricks but can't control your landing, your flow and execution may suffer. This means that the athlete that gets all categories will most likely win, rather than an athlete just doing flow but no difficult tricks and the other way around. We are looking for well-balanced run!



The Skill Challenge competition will take place on Friday the 12th of July.

If you attend the Jam, you can sign up for the Skill Challenge!


The Speed Challenge competition will take place on Friday the 12th of July.

If you attend the Jam, you can sign up for the Speed Challenge!


At Tjörnbro Arena you'll never get bored. If you need a break from the Parkour-setup, you could always jump in our trampolinepark with the best trampolines on the market! Or you could dive in the ocean 200 meters from the hotel. Or maybe play in the pool next to the restaurant?


  • Trampoline Park

  • 25x25m Custom Parkour-course (only for this event)

  • Accomodation

  • Pool area

  • The ocean nearby

  • Kayaking

  • Trail/mountainbiking

  • An amazing nature

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