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PFG - Playful Warrior Camp is weekend exclusively for men, centered on the principles of play, connection to nature, and deep self-exploration. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Breddas Wakeboard & Adventure Park on Sweden's west coast, this gathering is intentionally shaped as a sanctuary, offering men a dedicated space to rejuvenate, discover, and connect on a deep level.

Breddas Wakepark

In a world brimming with challenges, both personal and collective, the need for a sanctuary has never been greater—a place to come together, recharge, and prepare for the journey ahead. "Playful Warrior" is that haven, where playfulness and connection forge the key to resilience and growth. Our goal is to build a space, a dojo for the soul, where the ancient wisdom of the warrior meets the lighthearted joy of play so we can stand tall and be prepaterd of what is to come.

Here, in this unique dojo, we learn that true strength is not just about overcoming external obstacles but also about facing our inner battles with grace and humor. "Playful Warrior" offers a safe arena to explore the full spectrum of our humanity—our fears, our joys, and our untapped potential. Through a blend of engaging activities and serene moments of reflection, we cultivate a deep sense of grounding, reconnecting with the earth and our own nature.

At Playtful Warrior we come together and to explore movement & play with the park and all of its amenities as a base for learning about ourself and body awareness in new and exciting ways. The tools you will learn during the camp will help you be able to move and feel your best as well as learn many valuable skills.


This season, we're excited to have Tim Shieff, a master of movement and the creative force behind "Way of the Rope" and  founder of the School of Biomechanics joining our adventure. Tim will not only guide us through the art of rope flow but also share a comprehensive toolkit from his school to  prime our bodies and minds for getting into flow


His expertise will help to transform our physical practice, offering a unique blend of biomechanical insights and fluid movement techniques.


Questions we will explore during the camps


How can we make training more fun and playful and therefore more sustainable?

How can we become our own teacher ?

Can we make movement and games more about the journey/experience rather than about reaching an end-goal?

Themes of the Camp:


  • Playfulness 🤸

  • Grounding & Reconnecting with Nature 🏞️

  • Exploring fear & how to deal with it 🙏

  • Progress & how to break down skills & movements  ✅

  • Finding flow 🌀


What you can expect at the Park:

The park is integrated into and surrounded by beautiful nature and forests. It is quiet, secluded and a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.



    Slackline Park

  • Trampolines

  • Acrobatics Pads

  • Skate-ramp 

  • Wakeboard Park

  • Monkeybars

  • Sauna 

  • Ice bath 

  • Yoga / Movement / Meditation Cabin  


  • Balance work

  • Acrobatics / Parkour

  • Wakeboarding

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Massage

  • Forest fun

  • Body control & awareness


Upcoming camps

Workshop & Play hosts

Mattias Hoppe

Mattias Hoppe

- Black belt in Play & Pranks 
- Worlds class  Wakeboarder

Gonster Robin.jpg

Robin Hallsten

-Holistic health coach

-Work-in specialist Gongster

Oskar Örn

Oskar Örn

-SM Parkour Medalist
- Ninja Warrior finalist  

Erik Svensson

Erik Svensson

-Movment Coach

-Masters sustainable leadership

-Former Division I Elit swimmer in USA

Timmy Forss

Timmy Forss

-Former Nordic & Swedish Champ in Pro-Wrestling

-Massage Therapist



We have two lakeside cabins that fit six people in each. They are equiped with beds, pillows and covers, electricity and are close by the toilets and showers.

Just bring a sleeping bag or sheets!



We want you to feel relaxed and give your body opportunities to heal.

Enjoy our Sauna, icebox, hot-tub and the calming nature that surrounds our camp



We believe that motion creates emotion and in order for us to let go, feel good and thrive we need physical activity!

We always switch up our workshops so even though you already been to a camp, there is something new and exciting to try!



We offer you the best quality food in the world!

In cooperation with local farms and restaurants we bring wild-meat, fresh ECO-vegetables and carbs, some from our own garden.

Nutrition is an important part of holistic health.

That's why we only have the best for you!



This isnt a company that grows. This is a community, a tribe built on mutual respect and friendship!

We want you to be apart of what we do. If you want to have workshops, book your own camp or help grow "Play Flow Grow" in any way, please let us know!

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